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This article contains information and lore exclusive to Hearthstone, and is considered non-canon.

NeutralKing Togwaggle
Image of King Togwaggle
Title King of the Kobolds
Gender Male
Race Kobold
Occupation Kobold king
Location The Catacombs
Status Alive

King Togwaggle is the king of all kobolds on Azeroth, featured in the Kobolds & Catacombs expansion for Hearthstone. He has been described as "the big cheese, the head rat, the be-candled King of the Kobolds".[1] He sports a crown with an actual lantern in place of the typical kobold candle,[2][3] has treasure strapped to his back for safekeeping (likely obtained mostly from other kobolds),[2] and wields a "regal shovel, lest anyone question his sovereignty".[2] There is a secret to the lantern he wears on his head.[2] Togwaggle is noted to be larger than his fellow kobolds (which isn't saying much) and is also rather more rotund, as there are apparently "culinary benefits" to being king.[3]


In a tale told by a dwarven bard in the Hearthstone tavern, Marin the Fox was exploring through the catacombs and making his way across a perilous rope bridge when a group of kobolds led by Togwaggle suddenly appeared at the tunnel entrance the adventurer was creeping toward. Togwaggle urged one of his followers forward onto the bridge, but the kobold was so intimidated by Marin that he only managed to say the words "Y-you. You adventurer..." before forgetting his lines, squeaking "You no take candle!" and hurrying back to its fellows, much to Togwaggle's frustration. The Kobold King instead began shouting at Marin, telling him that the tunnels were his and that the adventurer should drop his treasures right now. Marin pointed out that he hadn't obtained any treasure yet and argued that Togwaggle should let him pass so that he could go acquire some, and then he and the kobolds could have a do-over on the Fox's way out. While several of the kobolds were enticed by the idea, Togwaggle wasn't as easily convinced and instead said that "If you not be dropping, kobolds be taking!" before ordering his followers to summon a golem.[3]

The waxmancers obeyed and used their magic to create a giant candle golem, which stepped out onto the rope bridge to confront Marin. The adventurer, however, managed to blind the wax creature by blowing out the candle flames serving as its eyes and proceeded to make his way toward the end of the bridge, close to the kobolds. However, the confrontation was suddenly interrupted by the sound of an approaching pack of feral gibberers. Togwaggle quickly fled to the bridge, leaving his subjects behind without a second thought. The king's subjects followed after him, but as the other end of the bridge was still blocked by the blinded golem, the kobolds instead took cover behind Marin, forgetting their previous conflict in the face of a greater threat. Suddenly, the bridge gave way and collapsed, sending the adventurer, the golem, and the kobolds tumbling down into the chasm below.[4]


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