Kirin Tor Monthly (November Issue)

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"Kirin Tor Monthly (November Issue)" is a book in Dalaran which can spawn in place of The Schools of Arcane Magic. It's the November Issue of the Kirin Tor Monthly.[43.6, 46.7]


Kirin Tor Monthly (November Issue)

Dalaran Dining Guide

When Inzi Charmlight opened A Hero's Welcome shortly after the city relocated, locals and visitors alike lined up to lay their weapons down and sink their teeth into a tough hunk of bread! Seating is ample, prices are fair and the full bar offers indulgences from all over the world to help you feel satisfyingly heroic. No matter what you order, save room for the Mead-Basted Caribou!

For regional fare in a less boisterous setting, try the Hocus Pocus Inn near the center of town. The open, airy inn is easy to find and serves light meals with pleasant conversation in a relaxed, library-like atmosphere. The regulars are primarily exhausted students of the arcane; no wonder the real star of the show is the incredibly skilled food that prepares and cooks itself at your table!

If you are looking for a bed, a bar and not much else, look no further than the Filthy Animal! The bar area is dark and authentically malodorous, replete at all hours with individuals of questionable character. The menu boasts such delicacies as  [Briny Hardcheese] and it would take an army of enchanted dancing mops and buckets to make the sleeping quarters habitable. A Horde paradise indeed!

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