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Knot Thimblejack's Cache is a container that is left behind by Knot Thimblejack in Dire Maul. Knot is held captive by the Gordok Ogres and when you free him, he leaves behind his cache. In order to free Knot, you need to get the  [Gordok Shackle Key] which drops off the ogres. Once you have the key, you talk to Knot which starts the quest Free Knot!. After he is free, he will leave. If you are planning on doing the Gordok Ogre Suit quest, make sure you complete it first before freeing Knot.

Cache contents

The cache usually contains some Leatherworking or Tailoring crafting materials, an  [Ogre Tannin], and usually a level 300 crafting recipe. Some of the possible recipes are:

Leatherworking patterns:
Inv scroll 04.png [Pattern: Chromatic Cloak] Inv scroll 04.png [Pattern: Hide of the Wild]
Inv scroll 04.png [Pattern: Shifting Cloak] Inv scroll 05.png [Pattern: Girdle of Insight]
Inv scroll 05.png [Pattern: Mongoose Boots] Inv scroll 05.png [Pattern: Swift Flight Bracers]
Tailoring patterns:
Inv scroll 04.png [Pattern: Belt of the Archmage] Inv inscription 80 scroll.png [Pattern: Cloak of Warding]
Inv inscription 80 scroll.png [Pattern: Inferno Gloves] Inv inscription 80 scroll.png [Pattern: Felcloth Gloves]
Inv inscription 80 scroll.png [Pattern: Mooncloth Gloves]

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