Knowledge is Power (paladin)

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NeutralKnowledge is Power
Start Sister Elda
End Sister Elda
Level 110 (Requires 110)
Type Legendary
Category Artifact
Rewards  [Artifact Research Notes]
Previous N Paladin [110] Hitting the Books
Next N Paladin [110] Furthering Knowledge


Provide Order Resources to unlock artifact knowledge.

  • Collect: Bring 500 order resources (500)


Durin' our campaign on the Broken Isles, ye have infused yer ancient artifact with power. But as the Legion invasion grows stronger, it's clear we need to unlock more of yer weapon's potential.

There's a time for slow, steady progress. But today, we'd best hasten our efforts.

By devotin' our order's resources to studyin' the weapon's history, we can rapidly enhance the value of the power ye apply to the artifact.

We best get started, <class>t!


You will receive:
Inv scroll 11.png [Artifact Research Notes]


Applyin' the resources gathered by our order will allow us to make quick progress toward learnin' about that weapon.


Learnin' more about yer artifact weapon'll help hasten our victory over tha Legion.

If ye supply me with order resources, I can provide research notes on yer weapon. Read 'em, and learn how to take greater advantage of the power ye infuse into yer artifact.

For Azeroth!



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