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Not to be confused with Koak Hoburn.
Image of Koak
Gender Male
Race Orc
Affiliation(s) Dragonmaw clan, Horde
Location Unknown
Status Alive
Companion(s) Steel
This article contains lore taken from Warcraft novels, novellas, or short stories.

Koak is the owner and friend of the cloud serpent Steel and one of the few known Dragonmaw orcs to remain within the Horde following its civil war.


Koak was only a child when the red dragonflight destroyed Grim Batol, and was one of the few too weak to evade capture by the Alliance when the rest of the clan escaped into the Twilight Highlands. What he knew of his clan he had learned from stories recounted by veterans of the Second War, and from the dreams that plagued his restless nights. Koak would eventually be one of the countless orcs freed from the internment camp by then Warchief Thrall. When the Dragonmaw clan rejoined the Horde, Koak found that he was unable to rejoin them due to a feeling he dishonored himself and the Dragonmaw by being kept in captivity.

While on a zeppelin it would come under attack by an Alliance gunship and Koak was the only known survivor of the crash. When he awoke, a dying cloud serpent was discovered due to the zeppelin crash, and Koak was surprised to find out that the serpent remained in order to protect its egg. In the mother's dying moments, it expressed its desire for Koak to care for its newborn son. While initially reluctant, Koak ultimately agreed to the dying mother's request and soon found himself struggling to keep himself and the serpent alive while waiting for a rescue party, that he suspected wouldn't be sent.

After witnessing members of the Order of the Cloud Serpent flying their cloud serpents, Koak decided to seek them out in order to put the Serpent (the name he's been calling the young Cloud serpent) in their care and securing a flight to the nearest Horde outpost. When he arrived however he was convinced to remain in order to train the serpent, after saw the hatchling as an opportunity to prove himself to the Dragonmaw.

While trying to train his serpent Koak would find himself struggling with using the Order's ways and what he knew of the Dragonmaw ways of training. This would come to a head when after learning that the Horde was fracturing into civil war that Koak decided to force his serpent to obey him; an action that saw the Cloud Serpent feeling betrayed and confused before it let fled from Koak. The orc feeling immense guilt of his actions, sought out the cloud serpent he had been taking care of for months in order to apologize.

After finding the serpent Koak opened up about his past and revealed that he felt that he would be a "Dragonmaw orc" due to growing up in an internment camp and ultimately realized that he was looking for the strength to regain control. After pouring out his heart his serpent began to trust him once more and allowed Koak to ride him after Koak used a method shown to him be Elder Anli near the beginning of his stay with them. With this act Koak finally bestowed the name Steel on the serpent and directed him to journey to the Shrine of Two Moons in order to aid his people by joining the Darkspear rebellion.[1]