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Koda Steelclaw

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NeutralKoda Steelclaw
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Title <Archdruid of the Claw>
Gender Female
Race Night elf (Humanoid)
Level 10-45
Class Druid
Reaction Alliance Horde
Affiliation(s) Dreamweavers
Occupation Druid of the Claw, Archdruid
Location Val'sharah
Status Alive

Koda Steelclaw is a night elf and one of the archdruids of Val'sharah. She is the leader of the Druids of the Claw and helps battle the Emerald Nightmare during the Val'sharah storyline. She is always in bear form.


Koda is initially found hibernating in the Sleeper's Barrow. After being awoken, she travels to the Grove of Cenarius to aid Malfurion Stormrage in summoning Ysera. Along with the other archrdruids, she is helpless to watch as Cenarius is consumed and taken by the Nightmare. While Malfurion, Archrdruid of Lore Elothir, Ysera, and the class leaders travel towards Shaladrassil to thwart Xavius, Koda appears to stay behind. Finally, during N [100 - 110] The Fate of Val'sharah, she helps bring down the now-corrupted Ysera.

She also gives various world quests in Val'sharah.


  • Growl
  • Taunt
  • Swipe



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