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Kodohide Battlegear

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Kodohide Battlegear is the battlegear restoration druid set.


shortcut iconSee also: Wyrmhide Battlegear for the balance version of this set, or Dragonhide Battlegear for the feral version.


Each piece can be purchased from various faction vendors upon reaching honored reputation.

Piece Faction Price
[Kodohide Gloves] Lower City 10g 58s 35c
[Kodohide Helm] Sha'tar 15g 93s 63c
[Kodohide Legguards] Keepers of Time 21g 32s 76c
[Kodohide Robe] Cenarion Expedition 22g 38s 11c
[Kodohide Spaulders] Thrallmar / Honor Hold 16g 5s 67c



Kodohide Battlegear

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