Kor'ak Bloodspike

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Kor'ak Bloodspike
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Gender Male
Race Orc
Location Unknown
Status Deceased
Relative(s) Tharken Bloodspike (brother)

Kor'ak Bloodspike was a presumably orcish witness to the Cataclysm in the Southern Barrens that was swallowed by the earth during the chaos. A letter his brother wrote describes the events in vivid detail:

Tharken Bloodspike's letter

I was in the Southern Barrens when the world broke.

Azeroth wrenched. Jagged maws of stone and dirt opened all around me. I turned in horror to see that my elder brother, Kor'ak, was falling into one of the gaping fissures. With all my might I struggled to pull him free, but in that moment, when he needed me most... I failed him. The screaming rift snapped shut, rending Kor'ak's flesh and bone with a sickening ease. Terrified, I fled to the Great Lift, only to watch as the sea raged through the red canyons of Thousand Needles, consuming all in its path. I then went north until I came upon a fiery chasm that sliced the Barrens in two as if some monstrous demon had cleaved Azeroth's belly with his tainted axe. Despite the chaos, I could not shake Kor'ak's death from my mind... A brother... friend... proud orcish warrior... crushed like an insect under the foot of a traveler.

Many suns have passed since that day, but I fear that the whole of Kalimdor, and even the distant Eastern Kingdoms, will never be the same again. More and more I hear tales of how these lands have suffered from the upheaval's wrath: fire spewing from the heart of Ashenvale, flooding in the formerly parched lands of Tanaris and Durotar, and coastal settlements in Darkshore and the Wetlands claimed by hungry seas. Azeroth is changing, but I must endure to see that Kor'ak received an honorable burial. If it takes a lifetime to find my brother's broken body entombed beneath the scarred earth... then so be it.

-Tharken Bloodspike of the Crossroads.[1]