Kor'kron War Rider

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For the NPCs found in Agmar's Hammer, see Kor'kron War Rider (NPC).
HordeKor'kron War Rider
Image of Kor'kron War Rider
Race Wyvern (Beast)
Level 72
Health 14,415
Reaction Alliance Horde
Affiliation(s) Warsong Offensive
Location Icemist Village, Dragonblight
Vehicle This creature can be mounted.

The Kor'kron War Riders are the wyverns called from Agmar's Hammer using [Valnok's Flare Gun] while in Icemist Village.


  • Big Blue-A massive blue fireball that effects all enemies in front of the caster that remain within range of impact. Best used when large clusters of Blightbeasts are in close proximity of each other.
  • Blightbeast Bane-A quick strike that deals 4050 to 4950 damage to Anub'ar Blightbeasts. This attack can be fired very rapidly.
  • Boundary Warning-This vehicle is out of bounds. Return to the field of battle at once!
  • Field Medi-pack-A powerful emergency heal that restores 5688 to 7312 health to the Kor'kron War Rider and its rider.

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