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Not to be confused with Koramar (Nazmir).
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Image of Koramar
Title <Captain of Blackhand's Might>
Gender Male
Race Orc (Humanoid)
Level 94 - 102 Elite
Class Warrior
Reaction Alliance Horde
Affiliation(s) Iron Horde
Occupation Captain, Berserker
Location Iron Docks
Status Killable

Koramar is the captain of Blackhand's Might located in the Iron Docks.


  • Ability heroicleap.png  Berserker Leap — Koramar crashes down on enemy targets, inflicting 4875 to 5125 Nature damage to enemies within 8 yards of his landing.
  • Inv sword 01.png  Melee Sparks — Koramar skims his blade across the ground, causing melee sparks that inflict 10968 to 11532 Fire damage to enemies within the area of effect.
  • Ability whirlwind.png  Bladestorm — Attacks in a whirl of steel, causing 60% weapon damage to each enemy within melee range.


Fleshrender Nok'gar

Zoggosh yells: Sir, they've breached the gates! Nok'gar... He's dead!! We should pick up anchor and set sail to Talador right now!
Koramar yells: Calm yourself, Zoggosh. We will do no such thing. If these weaklings are so eager to die, then we should oblige.
Zoggosh yells: But sir, this is the last of the gronn that we have! Blackhand will have our hides if we show up empty handed!
Koramar yells: Zoggosh, do not question my authority. This isn't just ANY gronn. This is Skulloc, son of Gruul. The blood of a champion course through his veins. I'm not concerned with these... paltry whelps.
Zoggosh yells: Yes, sir!

Grimrail Enforcers

Koramar yells: Hah. Would you look at that. Maybe I... underestimated them. Zoggosh! Prepare Skulloc! Let them have a taste of what he has to offer.
Zoggosh yells: Igniting the cannons, sir!
Koramar yells: FIRE... FIRE! AIM, THEN FIRE!
Koramar yells: What is wrong with you?! Keep firing you oaf!
Zoggosh yells: Sir, he's out of ammunition! I'm reloading, I'm reloading!
Koramar yells: Argghhhh! Forget it! They'll never make it past the tracks. Makogg, Ahri'ok - front and center! There's some new meat for you to tenderize.


Zoggosh yells: Sir, half of our army has been taken out! Don't you think we should--
Koramar yells: That was an insignificant loss. Let them exhaust themselves, preying against our weak -- against those who are unworthy of serving in Blackhand's army! Blood and honor, Zoggosh. That is all that orcs understand.
Zoggosh yells: Ahhh. Good thinking, sir.
Koramar yells: That is what I do, Zoggosh. I think good.


Zoggosh yells: Captain, they're almost here! What do we do now?!
Koramar yells: I'm not playing these games anymore. Bring in the saberon and we'll be done with it.
Zoggosh yells: Uhhh... Are you sure you want to let that thing out of its cage? I don't think we've fed it since we found it.
Koramar yells: Put a muzzle on it.
Zoggosh yells: Good idea, sir!
Koramar yells: I didn't mean the cat.


Koramar yells: How dare you march into MY DOCKS and so brazenly set foot on MY SHIP. Nothing will stop the Iron Horde, least of all you. Enjoy your death, weaklings. Zoggosh, man the machine turret!
Zoggosh yells: Aye aye, sir!

Skulloc dies first

Koramar yells: Zoggosh, ready your axe. This ends now!
Zoggosh yells: Yes, captain!

Killed a player

  • Koramar yells: So WEAK!
  • Koramar yells: Bow before the might of the Iron Horde!

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