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For the sea giant, see Korl.

Korl is a dwarf who participated in the battle with the dread wyrm, Kaldrigos. While at least three of his companions were killed during the battle, Korl was the one who struck the killing blow on the dragon when he managed to sink his kris into Kaldrigos' heart,[1] though legend has it that the final [Shadow Word: Pain] cast by Shadow Priest Anund was key in ensuring the victory.[2]

Image of Korl
Gender Male
Race Dwarf
Location Unknown
Status Alive
Companion(s) Shadow Priest Anund, Horuz Killcrow, Tunadil the Redeemer

Korl survived the battle, and apparently is still alive. Perhaps out of respect for his memory, he still will not admit that Anund tried to heal through the arcane breath that killed him with First Aid.[3]