Koukou's Rampage

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AllianceKoukou's Rampage

Start Lin Applebloom [39.5, 90.1]
End Sunke Khang [46.2, 84.7]
Level 86 (Requires 85)
Category Jade Forest
Experience 111000
Rewards 9g 80s
Previous A [86] Priorities!
Next A [86] Fractured Forces, A [86] Smoke Before Fire, A [86] Twinspire Keep, A [86] Unfair Trade,


Kill Koukou.


We have more than just our cellars to worry about.

Koukou, our beloved mushan, has gone crazy! Just look at him!

I've tried cajoling and pleading and yelling and soothing, but nothing has worked.

I'm afraid he is no longer of his own mind. There is only one way to save him, and our brewery.

Strike swift and sure. He will not feel a thing.


You will receive: 9g 80s


Things are going crazy around here, and it all started when you arrived, <race>.


You did well to help the Brewers and bring this news to me.

From what you have told me, it sounds as if Koukou was possessed by some dark energy. Could it be...?

No. That is impossible.



Koukou should be right next to Lin and Teng. A level 85 mushan, it has 316,000 health. Take it out, then return to Sunke Khang bac at Paw'don Village.


  1. A [86] The King's Command or A [80] Hero's Call: Jade Forest! or A [10] Mists of Pandaria: To Pandaria!
  2. A [86] The Mission
  3. A [86] Unleash Hell
  4. A [86] Touching Ground
  5. A [86] No Plan Survives Contact with the Enemy & A [86] Welcome Wagons
  6. A [86] The Right Tool For The Job
  7. A [86] Envoy of the Alliance & A [86] The Cost of War
  8. Complete all of:
    1. A [86] Priorities!
    2. A [86] Koukou's Rampage
  9. A [86] Fractured Forces & A [86] Smoke Before Fire & A [86] Twinspire Keep & A [86] Unfair Trade
  10. A [86] The Fall of Ga'trul
  11. A [86] Onward and Inward
  12. A [86] The White Pawn & A [86] Hozen Aren't Your Friends, Hozen Are Your Enemies

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