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93 (Requires 92)




18g 90s



Slay Slavemaster Ok'mok by using the Challenge Banner in Stonemaul Arena.


Stonemaul has a chieftain, and it has a slavemaster. Today, we kill both.

First, Slavemaster Ok'mok. Me fight in arenas since me your size. Me know cruelty. Slavemaster Ok'mok is cruelty.

Want to be true gladiator? Go to Stonemaul Arena, place challenge flag in center of arena, and face the beasts of the slavemaster.

Maybe you make Ok'mok so mad he jump down himself to kill you. If he do, kill him instead.

("Krav'ogra: Peddler of Flesh")


You will receive: 18g 90s


You kill Ok'mok?


Me watch you from afar. Me like your fighting skills, show much promise.


  • 14100 XP


Pick up N [93] Getting Gladiators, N [93] Slave Hunters, and N [93] Nazgrel before heading out.

Immediately southwest is an Odd Boulder. This one contains the Obsidian Crystal Formation. Head inside and find Prowler Sasha standing in front of a pile of dead ogres. He offers N [93] Need More Teeth.

Head up the tower that Sasha is standing in front of to reach Slave Hunter Krag. Kill him, loot the  [Pendant of Krag], then head north across the way and enter the tower to find Bruto shackled to the back wall.

Bruto yells: Now I can kill who I want, when I want! Meet me in the ogre mound when you are done and we will rip faces together!

Head south into the pit to find Slave Hunter Brol and loot his pendant. Enter the arena and bang the Challenge Gong.

Slavemaster Ok'mok yells: What is this? A new challenger? We will enjoy watching you be consumed by my little pet.

A goren, Kigli'ak, comes out. Kill it.

Slavemaster Ok'mok yells: A meager victory. Let us see how you fare against my personal ogron.

An ogron, Stribit, comes out. Kill it.

Slavemaster Ok'mok yells: Such impudence. I will see you consumed by my favorite pet.

A ravager, Jabberback, comes out. Kill it.

Slavemaster Ok'mok yells: That was my favorite ravager. You filthy savage. I will kill you with my own bare hands!

Ok'mok jumps into the arena. Kill him.

Behind the arena where the combatants emerged is Y'kish locked in a cage.

Y'kish says: Free at last! Join me in the ogre mound when you are done, and we shall slay the ogre chieftain together.

Enter the tower to the north to free Pitfighter Vaandaam.

Pitfighter Vaandaam says: My fists and gratitude are yours, stranger. How do you feel about killing an ogre chief before you go?

Exit and get on top of the same tower and head south to enter the tower to find Slave Hunter Mol. Before turning in, head north and take the switchback back to the southwest to find Stomper Kreego, who drops the  [Ogre Brewing Kit], a few cases of beer, and some [Garrison Resources].

Finally head back downhill and enter Kor'gall's Hovel (where the question mark is on the minimap) and take the south fork to loop around and free Nazgrel from his cage:

Nazgrel says: You better fear the day I get let out of this cage!
Nazgrel says: Did my father send you? I told them he would find a way to spring me! Thanks, stranger.

Don't leave the hovel just yet -- head to the north end to find the three freed gladiators.


  1. B [93] A Rediscovered Legend
  2. Complete all of:
    • Gladiator recovery:
    1. N [93] Getting Gladiators
    2. N [93] The Axe of Kor'gall
  3. B [93] The Sparring Arena

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