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Mr. Fizzlebub,

The bearer of this letter and I are devising a business venture that we welcome you to join.

As you know, I spend much of my time in the Shimmering Flats -- the aforementioned business venture deals with the races on these flats.

If racing and, more specifically gambling on races, interests you then please read on, for I feel that your knowledge of Stranglethorn would be useful in our scheme.

The rocket cars that race the flats are highly tuned and require extreme maintenance. So it's no surprise that pit crews are kept on the scene at all times.

These crews constantly test their cars and make fixes and modifications as needed. It is the only way to keep the cars in a state of top performance.

So... we're looking for a means to force a lapse in one of the pit crews' diligence, as any such lapse would cause the crew's car to fall quickly into disrepair.

If we can control which car is in top shape and which car is not, then... I don't need to explain to you the advantage in gambling this gives us.

So, from you, good Fizzlebub, we need that means in which to force the pit crews' lapse.

Does Stranglethorn possess some plant or herb or drink we might use to addle the wits of gnomes and goblins?

--K. Koalbeard

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