Krazzel Crashfuse

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NeutralKrazzel Crashfuse
Image of Krazzel Crashfuse
Gender Male
Race Goblin
Level 1 (formerly 62)
Status Alive
Companion(s) Renfield (assistant)

Krazzel Crashfuse is a diabolical level 62 goblin featured in the 100 or Bust! trailer. He is the arch enemy of Lemmy the gnome and has a hozen assistant named Renfield. Upon seeing Lemmy using the Character Boost to get to level 90, Krazzel attempts various schemes to get himself to level 100, all of which fail. After the last experiment involving a rocket results in Krazzel being sent back to level 1, a nearby mailbox spurts out a level 100 character boost offer. Before Krazzel can grab it, Renfield takes the contract and signs his own name, boosting himself to level 100 and leaving Krazzel behind.[1]

Krazzel and Mischief.

In Meet Mischief — The New Warcraft Pet, a video showcasing the  [Mischief] companion pet, Krazzel is seen wailing in anger as he looks down upon the townsfolk of a snowy village celebrating the Feast of Winter Veil, which he despises. In particular, there is one villager he hates above all others — his nemesis, Lemmy. Using an enormous, dubious contraption, he plans to disintegrate all of the Winter Veil gifts in the town, but just after he presses the big red button and begins the countdown, he hears a knock on the door and uses his spyglass to see Lemmy standing in front of Krazzel's front door with a gift in hand. As he throws open the door, he finds that Lemmy is gone but has left the gift behind. Upon opening the gift, he finds that it contains a fel kitten "as dubious and maniacal as he", but as he tearfully takes the cat into his arms he realizes that the anti-gift ray is still on. As it is too late to cancel the coutndown, Krazzel uses an escape pod and his vast knowledge of explosives to launch himself and his kitten up into the sky. As his lab goes up in fireworks, Krazzel and his cat look down upon the village joyfully celebrating the holiday, and as the pod flies away from the camera Krazzel warmly hugs his new companion.[2]