Kregg Keelhaul

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MobKregg Keelhaul
Image of Kregg Keelhaul
Gender Male
Race Goblin (Humanoid)
Level 46 Rare
Class Warrior
Health 2,878
Reaction Alliance Horde
Affiliation(s) Southsea Freebooters
Location Lost Rigger Cove, Tanaris
Status Killable

Kregg Keelhaul is a level 46 rare mob goblin found in Lost Rigger Cove in Tanaris. He does not give any Steamwheedle Cartel reputation when killed.


  • Leaping Cleave - Jumps at the target, inflicting 100% weapon damage to an enemy and its two nearest allies.
  • Slippery Suds - Hurls a soapy bottle at the enemy, dealing Frost damage and slowing movement speed in the area.
  • Slippery Suds - Slippery suds reduce movement speed by 50%.


This section includes speculation on characters that might be related, usually because they may share a last name. It should not be taken as representing official lore.

He may be related to Captain Keelhaul.

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