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Kri'thik Boneslicer

Combat 32.pngKri'thik Boneslicer
Kri'thik Boneslicer.jpg
Image of Kri'thik Boneslicer
Race Mantid (Humanoid)
Level 25-35
Affiliation(s) Kri'thik
Location Kri'vess, Townlong Steppes
Status Killable

Kri'thik Boneslicers are mantid located at Kri'vess in Townlong Steppes.

Objective of


  • Slice Bone — Stab at the current target, inflicting 25,000 Physical damage, dealing an additional 2,375 Physical damage every 2 sec for 8 sec to all nearby enemies in a frontal cone. This effect stacks.

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