Krud the Eviscerator

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MobKrud the Eviscerator
Image of Krud the Eviscerator
Gender Male
Race Ogre (Humanoid)
Level 100 Rare
Health 782,832
Reaction Alliance Horde
Affiliation(s) Gorian Empire
Location Ring of Blood, Nagrand
Status Killable

Krud the Eviscerator is an rare ogre located at the Ring of Blood in Nagrand.

If his tribute challenge is not completed in a certain amount of time, he will despawn.



Krud is here! Any puke dat tinks dey can bring Krud down, better get some tribute. Get enough before Krud gets bored, and earn da right to be eviscerated by Krud.

Tribute not completed

Ha! Krud knew no one brave enough to face Krud. You not even half da fighter Krud be.

Tribute completed

Not bad for a bunch of worthless pukes! Come face Krud when you ready to die!


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