Kul Inkspiller

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HordeKul Inkspiller
Image of Kul Inkspiller
Title <Inscription Supplies>
Gender Male
Race Orc (Humanoid)
Level 60
Health 2,136
Mana 5,751
Reaction Alliance Horde
Affiliation(s) Thrallmar
Location Thrallmar, Hellfire Peninsula[52.5, 36.0]
Status Alive

Kul Inkspiller is an Inscription supplies vendor in Thrallmar in Hellfire Peninsula.


  • Kul stands near Neferatti, Master Inscription Trainer and Felannia, Master Enchanting Trainer.
  • Due to his name, it's fairly obvious why he himself isn't the trainer.

Vendor information

Bankergossipicon.pngItem Level Price Availability
 [Scribe's Satchel] 15 50s Limited
 [Virtuoso Inking Set] 1 7s 50c Unlimited
 [Light Parchment] 1 15c Unlimited
 [Common Parchment] 40 1s 25c Unlimited
 [Heavy Parchment] 60 12s 50c Unlimited
 [Resilient Parchment] 80 50s Unlimited

Also sells  [Technique: Glyph of Eternal Water] for 3g.

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