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The Kul Tiran fleet[1] is the principal naval force of the Admiralty of Kul Tiras. It specifically refers to the main body of the modern-day Kul Tiran navy, which forms much of the nation's offensive and defensive power. The fleet is a highly formidable force, and is central to the legendary reputation of Kul Tiras as a maritime power. It proudly stands as one of the finest of its kind on Azeroth.[2] It is also the latest in a long line of Kul Tiran fleets, such as the doomed Third Fleet of the Second War.

The tidesages bless every last Kul Tiran ship, which is what really sets them apart from the vessels visiting Kul Tiras. Kul Tiras's largest ships always carry a tidesage to navigate through storms, withstand heavy seas, and put wind in their sails.[3]

Only a few gryphons are selected to be sea scouts operating from flag ships in the fleet. Their long range reconnaissance is an integral part of Kul Tiran sea dominance.[4]


The fleet emerges from the mist to end the Siege of Boralus.

The current fleet of Kul Tiras is the successor to the fleet of Lord Admiral Daelin Proudmoore, which was largely destroyed by the Horde during the battle at Theramore Isle shortly after the Third War. Most survivors of this fleet sailed back to the Eastern Kingdoms.[5] After the massive loss of ships and men in the conflict, the navy was once again gradually rebuilt under the new Lord Admiral Katherine Proudmoore. The following years marked a time of self-imposed isolation for Kul Tiras, and so the fleet took part in little to no engagements outside the kingdom.

Some time before the Blood War, the fleet mysteriously disappeared at sea, along with its commander Tandred Proudmoore. Unbeknownst to most of the nation, the ships were being held captive in a massive artificial storm by Kul Tiras's very own Tidesages, normally sworn to protect the fleet. House Stormsong and the Tidesages came under the dark influence of Queen Azshara and sought to deliver the fleet to their new mistress regardless of the cost.[1]

The absence of the fleet left all of Kul Tiras vulnerable to many threats. In particular, Lady Ashvane and the Irontide Raiders set their sights on the capital of Boralus and Tiragarde Sound amid the turmoil. Meanwhile, in Stormsong Valley, the corruption of House Stormsong spread across the land. Though supposedly trying to call the fleet home, the Tidesages' true desires were eventually uncovered. A force of Storm's Wake militia and their champions invaded the Shrine of the Storm, preventing a ritual intended to deliver the fleet to Azshara. After defeating Lord Stormsong and his corruption, Brother Pike performed his own ritual at the heart of the Shrine, ensuring the temporary safety of the fleet, though it still remained lost at sea.[6]

During the Siege of Boralus led by Lady Ashvane, the city stood on the brink of falling. As Ashvane's final attack arrived, Jaina Proudmoore was given her father's pendant by her mother as a last hope. Using the trinket, which Daelin Proudmoore had used to call the fleet in times past, Jaina was able to both locate the lost fleet and bring it home. Before the harbor gates, the Kul Tiran fleet cut through the mists in its full glory, with Captain Tandred Proudmoore at the helm. The fleet quickly surrounded Ashvane's pirate forces, who surrendered.[7] This signaled the restoration of Kul Tiras's naval power once more, as the nation proceeded to officially join the Alliance.

Kul Tiran ships on fire.

After the Horde reclaimed the body of Derek Proudmoore, several ships were sent to Plunder Harbor to retrieve it. As the Horde agents get a hold of the Abyssal Scepter, they used its power against the ships, setting them on fire.[8]

Known ships

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  • The fleet appears to consist of heavy Kul Tiran battleships, instead of any smaller vessels or cruisers.
  • Its position and role during the Blood War places it in mirrored opposition to the Golden Fleet of the Zandalari Empire, allied with the Horde.
  • It is unknown if the fleet led by Lieutenant Alverold is still missing or went back home.