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Kun-Lai Summit storyline

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Zone map

The Kun-Lai Summit storyline takes place after the Valley of the Four Winds and Krasarang Wilds storylines. Messenger Grummles show up at Stoneplow, Halfhill, and the Grassy Cline offering a message from Lorewalker Cho in the form of the breadcrumb B [87] The Road to Kun-Lai. The summit can be accessed via the Veiled Stair, which begins at the Grassy Cline in the northeast part of Valley of the Four Winds. The Spring Drifter offers a free boat ride through the level 90-infested Ancient Passage, dropping adventurers off at Binan Village in the southeast corner of the summit zone.

Near the end of the Shado-Pan Monastery quest chain, adventurers have N [89] My Husband... in their quest logs, which is a breadcrumb to the Townlong Steppes storyline.

The yaungol invasion and making new allies

At Binan Village, the yaungol are attacking. Lorewalker Cho was able to save Admiral Taylor and General Nazgrim, along with a few other members of either faction's forces. Looking to get the pandaren to ally with them, not the opposite faction, the adventurer's faction commander instructs the adventurer to help evacuees from Eastwind Rest or Westwind Rest.

Optional breadcrumb: B [87] The Road to Kun-Lai
Optional side quests: N [87] Robbing Robbers of Robbers, N [87] Educating Saurok, N [87] The Spring Drifter

  1. N [87] Call Out Their Leader & N [87] Hit Medicine & N [87] All of the Arrows
  2. A [87] Admiral Taylor has Awakened / H [87] General Nazgrim has Awakened
  3. A [87] Westwind Rest / H [87] Eastwind Rest
  4. B [87] Challenge Accepted
  5. Complete all of:
    1. B [87] Trouble on the Farmstead
    2. N [87] Farmhand Freedom & N [87] ... and the Pot, Too!
    3. A [87] Back to Westwind Rest / H [87] Back to Eastwind Rest
  6. Complete all of:

A veritable Christmas tree of breadcrumbs light up upon completion: B [87] Cho's Missive, B [87] Muskpaw Ranch, B [87] The Missing Merchant, and B [87] The Shado-Pan. Additionally, if adventurers have already reached level 88, they can choose to skip directly to the Townlong Steppes storyline with N [88] Beyond the Wall.


Adventurers first run across the Shado-Pan at the Shado-Pan Fallback, near the Firebough Nook in the southwest corner of the zone. From there, adventurers travel up to Winter's Blossom, overlooking the Ox Gate, where yaungol are invading. After fending off the attack, Ban Bearheart takes adventurers to the Shado-pan Monastery in his hot air balloon demanding answers as to why nobody has been able to get any reinforcements of late...

Optional breadcrumb: B [87] The Shado-Pan

  1. N [87] Turnabout
  2. N [87] Unmasking the Yaungol
  3. N [88] To Winter's Blossom
  4. N [88] Honor, Even in Death & N [88] A Line Unbroken
  5. N [88] To the Wall!
  6. N [88] Off the Wall! & N [88] A Terrible Sacrifice
  7. N [88] Lao-Chin's Gambit
  8. N [88] Do a Barrel Roll!
  9. N [88] Finish This!
  10. N [88] Where are My Reinforcements?
  11. N [88] Unbelievable!
  12. N [88D] Into the Monastery
  13. N [89D] Lord of the Shado-Pan

The Thunder King

At One Keg, players run across Lorewalker Cho. He begins Path Less Traveled, which starts a fairly long chain in the northeast part of the zone.

Optional breadcrumb: B [87] Cho's Missive

  1. N [88] Path Less Traveled
  2. N [88] Instant Courage & N [88] They Stole My Luck! & N [88] Resupplying One Keg
  3. N [88] Comin' Round the Mountain
  4. N [88] One Traveler's Misfortune
  5. N [88] Seeker's Folly
  6. N [88] The Tongue of Ba-Shon
  7. N [88] Staying Connected
  8. N [88] An End to Everything
  9. N [88] It Was Almost Alive
  10. N [88] The Tomb of Shadows
  11. N [88] Breaking the Emperor's Shield
  12. N [88] Stealing Their Thunder King
  13. N [88] Lessons from History
  14. N [88] Chasing the Storm
  15. N [88] Fisherman's Tale
  16. N [88] It Takes A Village & N [88] Handle With Care & N [88] What's Yours Is Mine & N [88] Make A Fighter Out of Me
  17. N [88] Enemies At Our Door
  18. N [88] Revelations
  19. [Maggot Slurry]

Side quests

Inkgill Mere

Just to the east of Binan Village is Inkgill Mere, a jinyu village that has fallen to the corruption of the Sha of Anger.

Optional breadcrumb: B [87] The Missing Merchant

  1. Complete all of:
  2. N [87] The Ritual
  3. N [87] Cleansing the Mere
  4. N [87] The Fall of Shai Hu

The Yak Wash

Northeast of Westwind and Eastwind is Lao & Son's Yakwash. The yaungol have taken over the Muskpaw Ranch and the needle sprites have stolen Lao Muskpaw's son, Muskpaw Jr.

Optional breadcrumb: B [87] Muskpaw Ranch

  1. N [88] The Missing Muskpaw
  2. N [88] At the Yak Wash
  3. N [88] Back in Yak

Back in Yak sends adventurers (and some of the rescued yaks) up to the Grummle Bazaar.

The Burlap Trail

In the shadow of the Temple of the White Tiger is the Grummle Bazaar, trailhead of the Burlap Trail.

  1. N [88] A Grummle's Luck & N [88] Traffic Issues & N [88] Oil Stop
  2. N [88] Roadside Assistance
  3. N [88] The Burlap Trail: To Burlap Waystation
  4. N [88] The Rabbitsfoot & N [88] The Broketooth Ravage
  5. N [88] A Monkey Idol & N [88] No Pack Left Behind & N [88] Breaking Brooketooth
  6. N [88] Bros Before Hozen
  7. N [88] The Snackrifice & N [88] Thumping Knucklethump & N [88] Hozen Love Their Keys
  8. N [88] Grummle! Grummle! Grummle! & N [88] Unleash The Yeti!
  9. N [88] The Leader Hozen

Footnote - After completing N [88] The Leader Hozen, a breadcrumb becomes available from Brother Trailscenter called N [88] The Burlap Trail: To Kota Basecamp for those quests there.

Temple of the White Tiger

Gate of the August Celestials

At the Temple of the White Tiger, Anduin Wrynn and Sunwalker Dezco are pleading with Xuen to open the gate to the Vale of Eternal Blossoms.

Optional breadcrumb: B [87] Temple of the White Tiger

  1. B [87] A Celestial Experience
  2. B [87] A Witness to History
  3. A [87] The Shrine of Seven Stars / H [87] The Shrine of Two Moons

Kota Peak

On the way to Winter's Blossom from the Shado-Pan Fallback for N [88] To Winter's Blossom, adventurers run past the Kota Basecamp.

  1. N [88] Kota Blend
  2. N [88] A Fair Trade
  3. N [88] The Burlap Grind
  4. N [88 Daily] The Burlap Grind

Footnote - A variant version of these quests is available from Uncle Tallmug at Tallmug's Camp due south of here. However Kota Peak has a breadcrumb available, and this version does not. Both sets of quests have the same rewards, names and cancel each other out - but each has a unique Quest ID.

Zouchin Village

Up at Zouchin Village, an early quest provides a breadcrumb to the Zouchin Strand.

Optional breadcrumb: N [87] Checking In

  1. N [87] Emergency Care
  2. N [87] Justice & N [87] The Scent of Life & N [87] By the Falls, For the Fallen
  3. N [87] Preparing the Remains
  4. N [87] A Funeral


The level-90 daily quests involving Xuen at the Temple of the White Tiger are not offered every day--only one of the four August Celestials temples will be questable each day.