Kura's Vengeance

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NeutralKura's Vengeance

95 (Requires 94)




13g 40s



Slay Wing-Guard Kuuan in Veil Shadar.


I was a wing-guard myself, once upon a time.

One afternoon, I was caught away from my post. I just wanted an hour to watch the festival... Kuuan was supposed to cover for me, but instead he sold me out to gain favor with our superiors.

They plucked my eyes, broke my wings, and threw me off the spire.

Yet I am the fortunate one, for if Iskar hadn't found me, I'd have died there. And now Kuuan shows his face in Veil Shadar on the same day that you show up willing to kill for coin. Fortunate, indeed.


You will receive: 13g 40s


Kuuan must be taking great joy in pillaging Veil Shadar. He has no idea that he sealed his fate the day he crossed Kura.


Speaking of fortune, count yourself lucky that I was not among the defenders in Aruuna, for you'd have seen both ends of your guts before you laid eyes on the Fire-Sage.

Ah, sometimes I miss those days.

Here is your coin.

On complete:

Kura the Blind spits on the ground.
Kura the Blind says: <ptah!> Good riddance.
Kura walks off.
Kura the Blind says: Guess I'd better find a way to make myself useful. Do you think a blind old warrior can still make a difference?



Pick up N [95] The Purge of Veil Shadar and N [95] Forbidden Knowledge before heading out.

Southeast to Veil Shadar. Keep killing arakkoa for N [95] Burning Sky if necessary. Speak with Outcast Darktalon to send them on their way. Find various books on such enlightening topics as:

  • Act Like a Crone, Think Like a Sage
  • Augury Without Bounds
  • Basketweaving the Sinister Way
  • Curses: A Practical Guide
  • Eat, Scry, Love
  • What Exactly is Scrying Anyway?

...and more in tents and on rocks in Veil Shadar. At the eastern end of the quest area, in a cave just uphill, find Wing-Guard Kuuan.

By this point, the quota for N [95] Burning Sky should be filled, so turn in those quests just to the north of Wing-Guard Kuuan's cave closer to Aruuna.

This quest completes the "The Plight of the Arakkoa" chapter of [Don't Let the Tala-door Hit You on the Way Out]. The Talador storyline continues back at Fort Wrynn or Vol'jin's Pride at level 95 with A [95] Speaker for the Dead or H [95] The Lady of Light, respectively.


  1. N [94] As the Smoke Rises (optional breadcrumb)
  2. N [95] Pyrophobia
  3. N [95] What the Draenei Found
  4. N [95] Kura's Vengeance

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