Kuru the Light-Hearted

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NeutralKuru the Light-Hearted
Image of Kuru the Light-Hearted
Title <Caretaker>
Race Jinyu (Humanoid)
Level 90
Health 393,941
Affiliation(s) Golden Lotus
Location Shrine of Seven Stars
Status Alive

Kuru the Light-Hearted is a level 90 jinyu located on the terrace of the Shrine of Seven Stars in the Vale of Eternal Blossoms. He acts as an ambassador between the Golden Lotus and the Alliance.

After the death of Zhi the Harmonious, the mogu seized over the vale. Kuru helped to defend the Shrine of Seven Stars.

Kuru appears to be fond of puns.



  • What do you call a jinyu who has trained at Tian Monastery? A monkfish!
  • What happened to the pandaren whose kitchen was robbed? He got bamboozled!
  • Do you know why the pandaren love philosophy? Because for them, things are not just black and white.
  • When times are dark, it is best to turn on a light.
  • What's the most valuable fish in all of Pandaria? The goldfish!
  • Do you know how to pick up a female jinyu in a tavern? Just drop your line!

During A [87] The Shrine of Seven Stars:

Many have come from all corners of the land to see the gates opened at last. Indeed, many of your people have already found their way inside. Seek your own solace and refuge within.

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