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Kyrestia the Firstborne

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NeutralKyrestia the Firstborne
Image of Kyrestia the Firstborne
Title <Archon>
Gender Female
Race Eternal One (Humanoid)
Level ?? Boss
Resource Mana
Reaction Alliance Horde
Affiliation(s) Kyrian Covenant
Occupation Archon of the kyrians
Location Archon's Rise, Bastion
Status Active

Kyrestia the Firstborne is the first of the winged kyrians, one of the Eternal Ones, and the Archon of the Kyrian Covenant.[1] She can be found at Archon's Rise in Bastion.

When the Paragon Devos learned from her student Uther's memories that an agent wielding the power of the Maw was running rampant on a mortal world, she tried to convince Kyrestia that the path of purging new kyrian of their memories was flawed. Kyrestia interrupted Devos, telling her that the Shadowlands depended on the kyrian carrying out their charge and that she had to abandon her rebellious course. In response, Devos took matters into her own hands by turning Uther into an Ascended and later convincing him to cast Arthas' soul into the Maw.[2]


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