Lake Elune'ara

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Lake Elune'ara.

Lake Elune'ara is a large body of crystal water[1] that covers the central part of the Moonglade.

The mad demigod Omen, defeated many centuries ago, yet resides in Lake Elune'ara.

In the RPG

Icon-RPG.png This section contains information from the Warcraft RPG which is considered non-canon.

Lake Elune'ara is located near the center of the Moonglade. The reflective water of this massive lake resembles starlight and moonshine, giving the body of water its legendary name. Perhaps the water is blessed by Elune, for it is some of the most pure and healthy on all Kalimdor. Many travelers come to the Moonglade simply to taste the waters of this lake, and the druids may allow them to fill several waterskins for their journey. Water this fresh is a luxury that cannot be found often in anyone's travels. Nighthaven rests on its waters.[2]


  • Within the Emerald Dream, the Rift of Aln is in Lake Elune'ara's place.[3]
  • This was once the location where young druids found relics at the lake's bottom early in their quest to learn their [Aquatic Form].
  • In Warcraft III there is a lake in which Moonglade Isle is located. In World of Warcraft, Lake Elune'ara is the only lake in Moonglade but has no island in it.


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