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The bridge being repaired.
The Everstill Bridge.

Lakeshire (or Lakewood)[5] is a human town that sits on the banks of the majestic and large Lake Everstill - from which the town derives its name. It's located in Redridge Mountains, and has 1,500 citizens — mostly farmers, poachers, and travellers — that reside there under the watchful and often worried eye of elected Magistrate Solomon. The town is a considered a serene and quiet place. Even with the occasional incursions by the orcs, it is a prime example of how peaceful this area was before the coming of the Horde and the Great Wars.[citation needed] 

Redridge is classified as a contested zone, but contains no Horde flight point or quests. However, it is a very short ride away from the Burning Steppes, a high-level zone, and thus many Horde players choose to engage in raids there. Recently, after many years, the bridge to Lakeshire was finally repaired.

After they wed, Greydon Thorne and Ceya Northbrooke moved here and had their son Aramar Thorne. After six years, Greydon abandoned the family, and Ceya married one of the town's blacksmiths, Robb Glade.[6]


World of Warcraft

WoW Icon update.png This section concerns content related to the original World of Warcraft.

Like Westfall and Duskwood, Redridge Mountains was also under the theoretical protection of the Stormwind army and — like them — has been left mostly to its own devices. However, there was a small guard platoon stationed in Lakeshire to maintain order in the town and they also originally had a garrison of soldiers in Stonewatch. Stonewatch Keep however, was overrun by Blackrock orcs who were presumably fueled by the evil magic of Morganth. Shortly after their victory, Morganth turned on his orcish cohorts. He constructed an arcane tower, the Tower of Ilgalar, and used his powers to build a small army of Shadowhide gnolls led by Lieutenant Fangore, to serve his malicious bidding. Both orc and man had fallen victim to the brutes that serve Morganth. Meanwhile, the Blackrock orcs continued to assault Lakeshire in their bid to conquer Redridge. Lakeshire continued to fend them off but they were sorely in need of more reinforcements and supplies.[1] During one of the Blackrock orc assaults on Lakeshire, Everstill Bridge was damaged.[1] Foreman Oslow also led a crew of bridge workers in repairing the bridge but their work was slowed due to losing various supplies to the orc invasions.[7][8]

Sometime later, Helendis Riverhorn gave Magistrate Solomon evidence that the Blackrock orcs were allying themselves with the black dragonflight.[9] Solomon relayed this information to Highlord Bolvar Fordragon and pleaded with him to mobilize the Stormwind army to contend with this grave threat to the kingdom.[10] Bolvar however, was debilitated from sending Stormwind's thinly spread troops to aid Lakeshire without proof. Bolvar sent Alliance adventurers to Lady Katrana Prestor, who knew much of dragons and dragonkin. However, Lady Prestor thought very little of Magistrate Solomon's claims and advised against providing the military aid. Though Bolvar respected Lady Prestor's stance,[11] he could not let Solomon's plight go unheeded and thought of a compromise to appease all parties: Bolvar deputized the adventurers and empowered them to solve Solomon's problems.[12]

Lakeshire was under constant attack from the Blackrock orcs, Redridge gnolls,[13] and Shadowhide gnolls; and also lacked a proper defense.[1] Magistrate Solomon pleaded for reinforcements from all of Stormwind's territories, yet to no avail as all of Stormwind were preoccupied with their own troubles.[14] Left to their own devices, Solomon and Marshal Marris had to enlist the aid of the adventurers to deal with the hostile orc and gnoll incursions and dispatch the prominent orc and gnoll warlords.[15][16][17][18] Meanwhile, agents of Theocritus were sent to dispatch Morganth and end his evil once and for all.[19]

Aside from gnolls and orcs, Lakeshire also faced a murloc problem and occasionally employed adventurers to cull their numbers[20] in order to preserve Lake Everstill's fish stock.[21]


Cataclysm This section concerns content related to Cataclysm.

With the guidance of the dragon Darkblaze, the Dark Horde and their Redridge gnoll allies[22] have also begun invading Redridge sometime after the Cataclysm. Although Everstill Bridge was at long last repaired, Marshal Marris stated the local guard were overwhelmed with the Dark Horde's incursions; which is further exacerbated now that the gnolls have begun raiding their supplies.[23] The Kingdom of Stormwind has sought to consolidate Redridge's security by constructing Tower Watch on the Three Corners and stationing a garrison of Redridge Watchmen there. Many Redridge Citizens were lined up for an audience with Magistrate Solomon, angry with his inability to deal with the Dark Horde's kidnapping of their citizens. An Alliance adventurer deputized by the Stormwind Army traveled to Redridge to aid the beleaguered Stormwind guards and reform Bravo Company to combat the threat.

John J. Keeshan led Bravo Company in an assault on Render's Valley, freeing the Redridge prisoners of war located there[24] and then decimating it in an explosion which turned it into a crater.[25]

Bravo Company then discovered from the prisoners that the gnolls in Galardell Valley were being controlled by a powerful magus in the Tower of Ilgalar. After retrieving the key to its entrance from General Fangore[26], Bravo Company confronted Grand Magus Doane, who alluded to Darkblaze — the mastermind behind the invasion — before teleporting away.[27]

The Bravo Company later assaulted Stonewatch, the stronghold of the Blackrock orcs,[28] which culminated in a battle against a black dragon named Darkblaze. During the battle, all members of Bravo Company were killed except for the adventurer, Colonel Troteman, and Keeshan, who jumped onto the dying dragon's back. Darkblaze flew over Lake Everstill, and after some struggle, both of them fell into the lake's waters.[29] Both Keeshan and Darkblaze were presumed to have died in the fight, and several of Keeshan's belongings were later recovered by Lakeshire's townspeople. Colonel Troteman stated that Jorgensen, Messner, Krakauer, and Danforth would receive a proper burial.[30]


The area to the north of Everstill Bridge is currently populated by Bridge Workers Alex, Trent, Matthew, Jess, Dmitri and Daniel. They are attempting to push a large boulder blocking the road, with Foreman Oslow crushed underneath. Following the quest A [16] He Who Controls the Ettins, which starts from a drop from the local gnolls, the player controls an ettin and moves the boulder as the workers cower in fear. Both the boulder and the workers will disappear following completion of this quest, and Foreman Oslow will take his new position on the dock. Note that this is actually an optional side chain to the quest A [16] Canyon Romp and it is entirely possible for the player to complete both the storyline and the achievement Redridge Mountains Quests without doing it.

Another minor bit of phasing takes place after accepting the quest A [18] It's Never Over. The water to the east of Everstill Bridge will have a riverboat during this quest, with John J. Keeshan and the members of Bravo Company on it. There is also some phasing within the Lakeshire Inn and Lakeshire Town Hall involving Keeshan's storyline.

Travel connections


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Alliance Eastvale Logging Camp, Elwynn Forest (0:39)
Alliance The Harborage, Swamp of Sorrows (0:39)
Alliance Morgan's Vigil, Burning Steppes (0:56)
Alliance Darkshire, Duskwood (1:01)
Alliance Stormwind City, Elwynn Forest (1:52)
Alliance Sentinel Hill, Westfall (2:09)






In the RPG

The RPG Icon 16x36.png This section contains information from the Warcraft RPG which is considered non-canon.

Lakeshire is a sleepy town, a blessing for those who just passed through the Burning Steppes to reach Stormwind. Some travelers don't even make it to Stormwind; they'd rather stay in Lakeshire. Populated by everyone from farmers and fishers to retired warriors and mages, it is a diverse town where people are friendly and keep their secrets to themselves. Welcoming to strangers, Lakeshire offers many inns and taverns where a traveler can enjoy ale. You can spend the day fishing on Lake Everstill and the night drinking in the tavern and call that a good vacation. The most serious person in the town is Magistrate Solomon, who is dedicated to keeping the town safe from orcs and gnolls. He is short on supplies and always on the lookout for mercenaries.[31]

A goblin merchant has moved into town looking for a place to set up shop as well as a seasoned party to get her some special items.[32]


  • Lakeshire has its own Court and Law of Lakeshire - aiding a criminal of the Kingdom is punishable by death.[33]


This article or section includes speculation, observations or opinions possibly supported by lore or by Blizzard officials. It should not be taken as representing official lore.

While it not named as such, the human town of the The Red Ridge Mountains Warcraft: Orcs & Humans orc mission may be Lakeshire considering the big river at the center of the map could be Lake Everstill.


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