Land Ho!

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NeutralLand Ho!

35 (Requires 35)





Talk to Captain O'Breen in Faldir's Cove.


Lolo sees a tiny <race>! Always on the lookout, Lolo is! Welcome to Faldir's Cove. Captain O'Breen said we'd only be here for a few hours. Just long enough to gather the treasure and get back to Booty Bay. But Lolo thinks we're going to be here a lot longer than that. We lost the other two ships from our formation. Poor Spirit of Silverpine and Maiden's Folly. On the bottom of the sea they rest now! Lolo suggests you talk to Captain O'Breen if you plan on sticking around here.


Ahoy, matey. 'Twas a horrible mess. Seahorn will have my ship if he finds out what went down. One of the Professor's contraptions indicated the lost treasure was near this cove. I brought the Harbinger in to dock and signaled for the Spirit of Silverpine and Maiden's Folly to follow suit. Then the sea rumbled. The tides lowered and the two ships crashed into the reef. It's not just a reef. Something's down there.... Help my crew out and you'll be rewarded handsomely.

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