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Image of Lanigosa
Gender Female
Race Blue dragon (Humanoid)
Level 98 - 110 Elite
Health 9,176,445
Mana 11,618 - 266,554
Reaction Alliance Horde
Affiliation(s) Blue dragonflight
Location Dragonblight
Status Alive
Lanigosa in her dragon form.

Lanigosa is a blue dragon in high elven form located in Dragonblight during the third invasion of the Burning Legion.

She assisted the paladin Galford and informed him about Tyr. She was later approached by the Highlord of the Silver Hand, who was looking for Galford. She directed him to Galakrond's Rest. She then flew to Path of the Titans where Jotun was located and assisted the Highlord in the battle against Tyr's former ally. After Jotun came to his senses, the Highlord took the Spark of Tyr and Lanigosa took the adventurer to Dalaran and promised to return to Dragonblight to collect Galford's body.[1]


  • Essence of the Blue - Protected by the Essence of the Blue Dragonflight.
Damage dealt and healing done increased.


  • Galakrond's Rest can be dangerous. Perhaps a tracking spell will be of use.
  • There! A bit of magic to help you follow in Galford's footsteps. Good luck!


  • Despite being a dragon, Lanigosa is classed as a humanoid, even while in her dragon form.
  • Lanigosa's dragon form uses the same model as Senegos.

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