Lao-Fe the Slavebinder

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NeutralLao-Fe the Slavebinder

Lao-Fe the Slavebinder
Start Automatic
End Che Wildwalker[33.9, 72.2]
Level 90 (Requires 90)
Type Daily
Category Vale of Eternal Blossoms
Experience 294,000
Reputation +200 Golden Lotus
Rewards  [Treasures of the Vale]
24g 72s 2 Lesser Charm of Good Fortune
Repeatable Yes
Previous N [90 Daily] The Pandaren Uprising Relived, N [90 Daily] Return to Rest


Kill the Spirit of Lao-Fe, the Slavebinder.


You can hear the spirit of Lao-Fe, the Slavebinder shouting taunts from the cave at the top of Tu Shen Burial Ground.

Defeating him will surely serve to ensure victory for the spirits of the pandaren monks.


You will receive:  [Treasures of the Vale] and 24g 72s 2 Lesser Charm of Good Fortune


Lao-Fe the Slavebinder was ruthless, even for a mogu. He was one of the first overthrown during the rising of the monks at Tu Shen, and that victory spurred the monks on for the rest of the uprising.


Lao-Fe the Slavebinder was one of the most spiteful and vicious mogu of his time. May defeating his spirit act as a reminder to all the mogu in the vale of the fate that awaits them if they seek to defile the sacred pools again.

Your strength is unquestionable. You have my respect, <class>.



On south side of the highest peak in the burial grounds is the mouth of a small cave entrance that all of the monk echoes keep running to. Inside is the Spirit of Lao-Fe, a level 91 mogu with 1.6 million health and the following abilities:

  • Crush Uprising — All Echoes of Pandaren Monks caught in range of The Spirit of Lao-Fe are instantly defeated. Lao-Fe, one of the most oppressive Mogu tyrants, is no stranger to crushing rebels.
  • Oppress the Weak — The Spirit of Lao-Fe shouts violently, inflicting 19,000 Physical damage every 3 seconds to all enemies within line of sight. Echoes of Pandaren Monks are instantly defeated by this effect.

However, every monk that he kills stacks a debuff on Lao-Fe:

  • Pandaren Uprising — Increases the target's damage taken by 15%. Cast on death on Lao-Fe. Stacks.

Interrupt the Oppress the Weak cast/channel, then take advantage of the bonus damage stacking.


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