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Last Regrets

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HordeLast Regrets

55 (Requires 53)




+250 Orgrimmar





Collect Duskfang's Hide.


If I am reduced to groveling, I may as well ask everything I can. There is one last favor I would ask of you, one more task a shamed orc pleads for.

Helgrum had a prized prey. Duskfang, eater of ogres, the great panther of Misty Valley. He would never allow himself the leisure of stalking it. Though he wanted badly to hunt, our scouting duties were too important.

If he cannot hunt Duskfang in this world, he can hunt the beast in the next. Take up the hunt for him; bring Duskfang's pelt to me.


You will receive: 85s


Has Duskfang shown himself?


With Duskfang to shroud his body, he will carry the animal's spirit with him into the afterlife.

Listen to me. An old superstitious fool. I'm so sorry, Helgrum...


Pick up A [55] Breath of Mist before heading out. The water elementals of Purespring Cavern are just to the south. Duskfang is in the very back of Misty Valley to the north, in a cave.



Optional breadcrumbs: B [52] The Bogpaddle Bullet or A [52] Hero's Call: Swamp of Sorrows! or H [52] Warchief's Command: Swamp of Sorrows!

  1. N [52] Maliciously Delicious
  2. N [52] Mostly Harmless & N [50] Croc-Out
  3. N [52] Crazy Larry
  4. N [52] Kill Gil & N [52] Can't Take It With Them
  5. N [52] In with a Bang
  6. N [53] Baba Bogbrew (optional breadcrumb to N [53] Marshfin Madness)

Opening Sunken Temple

  1. N [53] Marshfin Madness
  2. N [53] The Darkest Depths
  3. N [53] Slithering Signs
  4. N [53] The Dragon and the Temple
  5. N [53] Pool of Tears
  6. N [53] Legends of the Sunken Temple
  7. N [53] Step One: The Priestess
  8. N [54] Step Two: The Bloodletter
  9. N [54] Step Three: Prophet
  10. N [54] Blessing of the Green Dragonflight
  11. A [54] To Marshtide Watch / H [54] To Stonard (optional breadcrumb to faction-specific quests)

Assault on Stonard

(quest chain paying homage to WoW's RTS roots)

  1. B [54] Orcs and Humans & B [54] Lumbering Oafs
  2. B [54] Tides of Darkness & B [54] Reinforcements Denied & B [54] Marking the Fallen
  3. A [54] Assault on Stonard / H [54] We're Under Attack!
  4. H [55] Neeka Bloodscar (optional breadcrumb to Neeka)

Death of a Friend

  1. A [54] The Lost Ones & A [54] Draenethyst Crystals
  2. A [55] The Harborage (optional breadcrumb to Avuun)
  3. On reaching Avuun / Neeka, complete all of:
  4. A [55] Remember the Light / H [55] With Dying Breath
  5. A [55] Onward to the Blasted Lands / H [55] Ruag's Report & H [55] Okrilla and the Blasted Lands (optional breadcrumb to the Blasted Lands)

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