Last Stand at Whistling Grove

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NeutralLast Stand at Whistling Grove
Start Laina Nightsky[19.0, 40.9] / Matoclaw
End Keeper Taldros [13.7, 32.8]
Level 81 (Requires 80)
Category Mount Hyjal
Experience 2750
Reputation +10 Guardians of Hyjal
Rewards 78s
Previous N [81] Black Heart of Flame / N [81] Oh, Deer!
Next N [81] The Bears Up There


Report to Keeper Taldros at Whistling Grove in Mount Hyjal.


We might have a chance to beat these flames back thanks to your work in the Inferno.

Still, more wildlife is threatened. Keeper Taldros ran north through the flames, to Whistling Grove.

See if you can help him!


You will receive: 78s


The forest is being devoured!


Circle up to the northeast to see a rather curious situation with bear cubs up in trees...


  1. N [81] The Fires of Mount Hyjal (optional)
  2. Complete all of:
    • Demon
    1. N [81] If You're Not Against Us...
    2. N [81] Seeds of Their Demise
    3. N [81] A New Master
    4. N [81] The Name Never Spoken
    5. N [81] Black Heart of Flame
    6. N [81] Good News... and Bad News
    • Deer
    1. N [81] Save the Wee Animals
    2. N [81] Oh, Deer!
  3. N [81] Last Stand at Whistling Grove
  4. N [81] The Bears Up There

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