Last of the Talonpriests

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NeutralLast of the Talonpriests

96 (Requires 96)




13g 80s


N [96] Ishaal's Orb, N [96] New Neighbors, N [96] Egg Punt


Drink the Elixir of Shadow at Ishaal's Hut in the Shadowglade.


Talonpriests live among us in secret, guarding the rites of the Talon King's return.

The Adherent proclamation you acquired in Skettis revealed two of them living in the Shadowglade to the north. Orcs have moved into the region, and the Adherent's beam weapon left Veil Akraz a smoking crater.

As you can see, my people are beset by enemies on all sides.

Talonpriest Ishaal survived and is in hiding. Drink this elixir near his hut to peer into the shadows and make contact with him.


You will receive:


Hm, not what I was expecting when I heard that Iskar was sending help.

No matter. You'll have to do.


Pick up N [96] Talon Watch and N [96] The Kaliri Whisperer before heading out, but hold on to Talon Watch while working on the quests at Shadowglade.

Take the north road out of Veil Terokk to reach Shadowglade. Skizzik's hut is off the road to the left, but he didn't make it:

<Hooks have been run through his limbs, and a Shattered Hand insignia carved into his beak.
It seems the orcs found him first.>
Gossip Search him for the gavel.

After acquiring the gavel, Skizzik's corpse offers N [96] Mother of Thorns, and run south a few yards and interact with the Kaliri Egg to pick up N [96] Ikky's Egg. Interact with the egg to hatch Ikky, turn in, and pick up N [96] Baby Bird. Do those quests, then head northeast into Shadowglade proper to reach Ishaal's Hut. Quaff the Elixir of Shadows just outside the hut to make Talonpriest Ishaal appear.


  1. N [96] Return to Veil Terokk
  2. N [96] Last of the Talonpriests
  3. N [96] Ishaal's Orb
  4. N [96] Behind the Veil
  5. Complete both:
  6. N [96] Back from Beyond

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