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Latent Kor'kron Spaulders

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The subject of this article or section is part of Battlefield: Barrens, a world event that preceded the Siege of Orgrimmar during patch 5.3.0.

  • Latent Kor'kron Spaulders
  • Use: Combine with a Radical Mojo to create an item useful for your class specialization.
  • Requires Level 90
  • Sell Price: 5g


This item can be purchased from Ravika at Razor Hill Watchtower for 100 Kor'kron Stone 100 Kor'kron Meat or can drop from the high level mobs in Northern Barrens.


When combined with a  [Radical Mojo] it will create a randomly-enchanted item level 489 shoulders:

Class Item
DeathKnight Death knight Insubordination Shoulderpads
Druid Druid Malcontent's Spaulders (INT)
Hunter Hunter  [Tallgrass Guerilla's Mantle]
Mage Mage Dissident's Mantle
Monk Monk Crimson Schism Pauldrons (INT)
Paladin Paladin Secessionist's Spaulders (INT)
Priest Priest Reformationist's Mantle
Rogue Rogue Disowner's Spaulders
Shaman Shaman Unbending Spirit Pauldrons (INT)
Warlock Warlock Perjurious Mantle
Warrior Warrior Insurrection Spaulders

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