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AllianceLazlo Grindwidget
Image of Lazlo Grindwidget
Gender Male
Race Gnome
Character class Tinker
Affiliation(s) Gnomeregan
Location Kharanos, Dun Morogh; (formerly Goldshire)
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This article contains lore taken from the Warcraft manga or comics.

Lazlo Grindwidget is a gnome engineer who moved from Goldshire to Kharanos and opened a shop. He has a cat named Pooka and was worried that he had to compete with Razzle Sprysprocket and Ozzie Togglevolt. His house is full of seemingly useless inventions, especially fuses, and a knack for saying the wrong things at the right time. When he went to Thunderbrew Distillery, Ozzie and Razzle scoffed at him, but Innkeeper Belm was kind to him. While there, he proclaimed to dwarves that he was sorry about previous problems with his inventions and introduced them a game called Live Action Re-enactment Pagenants in which they would put on costumes of orcs and taurens. However, his plan did not succeeded and the dwarves only laughed at him.

Later on, a frostmane troll was said to head to Kharanos. Dwarves immediately ventured to hunt him down. Lazlo refused to go with them telling them that he is not a fighter. Back in the distillery, Belm convinced him to help the town in order to get to know with the dwarves. After this, he bumped into Razzle and Ozzie just in time when the troll appeared. When the troll was about to attack them, Kogan Forgestone appeared but only to be defeated. Razzle and Ozzie tried to throw grenades at the troll but they found that the grenades were time bombs. Lazlo started to ran when the troll overwhelmed Razzle and Ozzie. Lazlo got an idea how to defeat the troll. He got his costume of a troll and went to the distillery where the troll was about to kill Belm. He started to scoff at the troll what angered him. Lazlo threw a grenade which should cause to get asleep the troll however, it did not worked. Eventually he tricked the troll into one of his inventions, which teleported the troll high up in the air. After the troll crashed into the ground and surrendered, Lazlo was honored as a hero of Kharanos.

Lazlo got his own song written by dwarves and gnomes, similar to the song of Corrigan. His house was damaged but dwarves assured him that they will help him. Even Ozzie and Razzle apologized to Lazlo and they offered him their shop as a temporary place of business.[1]