Leading the Cavalry

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  • 10 Achievement points
  • Obtain 50 mounts (usable by a single character).
  • Reward: [Albino Drake]

Leading the Cavalry is a collection achievement earned for learning how to summon 50 different mounts on a single character. Temporary items that let you ride a mount do not count towards this achievement. Upon completion, Mei Francis will mail you the  [Reins of the Albino Drake], a swift flying mount. With the pandaren mounts added to the factional mounts, the total normal mount count is up to 44, making this achievement much easier.


  1. [Stable Keeper]
  2. [Filling Up The Barn]
  3. [Leading the Cavalry]
  4. [Mountain o' Mounts]
  5. [We're Going to Need More Saddles]
  6. [Mount Parade]
  7. [Mountacular]
  8. [Lord of the Reins]


Thinking ahead

If you are starting a new character with the intention of getting this achievement and  Mountain o' Mounts, then there are a few ways you can plan ahead, some of which are listed above.

  • Choose a Warlock or a Death Knight for two free mounts or a Paladin for three mounts.
  • Become an Engineer or a Tailor. You can train these professions high enough to make these mounts and then drop the profession, if you chose to - you will no longer be able to use the mount, but it will still be in your mounts and count towards the achievement. You can be both professions at the same time, but it is very expensive if you don't already have an alt character with mining.
  • If you choose a Druid, know that flight form and epic flight form do not count towards the total number of mounts.

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