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AllianceLeading the Charge





A [80] Killohertz



Kibli Killohertz wants you to kill Bombardment Infantry, Bombardment Captains and Gargoyle Ambushers.


Infra-green technology allows us to stay hidden here, right over the Scourge's nose! What's more, we installed infra-green in specially constructed bombers... but not to hide them, no! We use infra-green tech to shield them!

Speak with Karen No and request a bomber. Fly it over the Bombardment... use its shields and turret to protect yourself, and use the bomb launcher to hit Scourge targets. Practice well, then return to me and I'll have an even more vital mission for you!


<Name>, the bombers are difficult to use, but you must master them if we're to win our struggles against the Scourge.


I could hear your explosions from here, <name>. How did the shields work? Did they keep your bomber intact?

I hope they did, because now I have more missions for you...


The #1/2 buttons will change actions depending on which mode the bomber is in. Change modes with the 4 (AA), 5 (bombing), and 6 (engineering) buttons.

  • Anti-Air mode: #1 will fire a small AOE shot and #2 will reload your AA gun's 'ammo' (mana) on a cooldown
  • Bomber mode: #1 will drop bombs on the ground
  • Engineering mode: #1 will charge the shield and #2 will put out fires

Rate of fire for the AA gun is quite high. The shield charges to a maximum of 100 charges, gaining 30-40 per charge up action in engineering mode. Your shield is a buff on your plane, so if your UI doesn't display it properly, it may help to click your plane (the 3D model in the middle of the screen, not some UI element) to target it so you can track your remaining shield charges.

Swap between modes as necessary, with a focus on not getting shot down (dead plane drops no bombs). When gargoyles start attacking the plane, switch to AA and take them out, then go back to bombing mode. Every now and then go to engineering mode to replenish the shield to prevent it from wearing off. If the plane catches on fire, immediately go to engineering mode and hit 2 to put out the fire.

Enemy players can also shoot down your plane with their AA guns, so be conscious of enemy presence. Likewise, you can shoot down enemy planes. Enemy planes are far more deadly than gargoyles, since their rate of fire is so much higher. Bombs to not hit planes; only AA guns. Every enemy player you successfully shoot down will earn you a buff called "Confirmed Kill Reported", which records every enemy player you shot down during your sortie.

It is recommended to do these quests in first person view so that the plane does not obstruct your view of fire, especially in AA mode.

The plane is on rails, so the player's focus is on killing enemies and preventing their own plane's untimely demise.


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