Ledger of the Sea Wolf

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The Ledger of the Sea Wolf is a book located in Thornton's Cottage in Bradensbrook in Val'sharah.


DAY 1:

The Scourge draws closer to Pyrewood Village, and my people have nowhere left to turn. The gates to Gilneas remain closed, but at night, we can hear the howls of wild beasts over the walls. Rumors abound of a darker evil brewing within the city. I believe that no sanctuary will be found within Greymane's walls.

DAY 10:

I have purchased a trader's ship. She is called the Sea Wolf, and can carry two score passengers. I have prepared ample supplies, and spoken to those families who seek haven from this place. Tomorrow, we shall depart for a new life on a distant shore.

DAY 23:

We have been sailing south, seeking the city known as Stormwind. The humans are building a new capital, and it is here we hope to call our new home. So far the seas have been calm, but storm clouds have been sighted on the horizon.

DAY 30:

After battling a week of furious storms, our ship was blown entirely off course. Only open sea surrounds us. The nights have been clouded, offering no guidance from the stars.

DAY 47:

We have ample food from the sea, but our water rations are nearly gone. The past few days have been unseasonably hot, and no wind fills our sails.

DAY 53:

Two days ago, another furious storm took us by surprise. The Sea Wolf is no more. Our sturdy ship breached upon some rocky shoals. Thankfully, no lives were lost. When the winds died, we found ourselves looking upon an unfamiliar coast. We saw a towering fortress looming over a verdant lowlands, and a lush green forest stretching to the horizon.

DAY 54:

Our ship is unsalvageable, but the land here is fertile and tillable. The nearby forest offers a bounty of fruit and wood. The fortress appears to have been abandoned many years ago. We have decided to settle down here, and hereby christen our town Bradensbrook.

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