Legacy of the Mad Mage

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NeutralLegacy of the Mad Mage

120 (Requires 120)





Investigate Mardivas's Laboratory.


<This rather large jewel has an inscription etched on its base:

Property of Mardivas. If found please return to my laboratory.

Perhaps this laboratory can still be found somewhere?>


You will receive:


<The chest appears to be simply constructed, but the locking mechanism hums with arcane energy.>


<The ancient lock clicks open, revealing the contents within.>


Arriving to the lab
Mad Mardivas says: Who dares to interrupt my research? I'll have you thrown into the... oh! Is that my arcanocrystal? Marvelous! I thought I'd lost it!
Mad Mardivas says: You deserve a reward! Just place the crystal on that pedestal there and I'll get you something for your efforts.
Mad Mardivas says: Now, where did I put those keys?
Placing the crystal
Mad Mardivas says: Oh I remember now, the key was stolen by one of my elemental creations.
Mad Mardivas says: Well, I guess if you want that reward you'll have to retrieve my key. Be a dear and go press that button on the side of the Amalgamator.
Interacting with the Elemental Essence Amalgamator

Arcane power fills the device, its side is featureless except for a single button.

Gossip Activate the device.

A Watery Amalgamation spawns.
Mad Mardivas says: There! That's the creature that took my key! It doesn't look to pleased to be here so you're going to have to be... persuasive.

Kill it and loot the key.

Mad Mardivas says: Ah good show! That was most entertaining! I wish I had someone of your caliber as an assistant the first time I encountered that creature.
Mad Mardivas says: Well, I have important matters magical to attend to. Feel free to take your reward from the chest but don't touch anything else! Who knows what sort of chaos an amateur could cause here.


  1. N [120] Legacy of the Mad Mage
  2. N [120W] The Laboratory of Mardivas

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