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Image of Lemmy
Gender Male
Race Gnome
Level 90 (formerly 61)
Occupation Adventurer
Status Alive

Lemmy the gnome is a character that has been featured in several official World of Warcraft trailers. His first appearance was in Wish You Were Here, a trailer advertising the level 90 Character Boost. In it, Lemmy is stranded in the Tanaris desert. He receives a letter from his friends inviting him to raids, but the gnome becomes saddened when he realizes that the raids require him to be level 90, and he is currently only level 61. However, he then sees another letter offering a level 90 character boost. Lemmy signs his name and boosts to level 90, gaining new armor (and a new mustache) and is transported to the Siege of Orgrimmar in the process.[1]

His second appearance was in Lemmy the Gnome in “Gnomo-plasty”!, a video showcasing the player character revamp. It features Lemmy running around Hillsbrad Foothills gathering flowers, until he is suddenly transported to a mysterious white room where he is tied to a table. A huge, mysterious being performs a painful operation on the gnome, transforming him into a new, higher-quality version of himself (with a mustache to boot). Lemmy is then violently thrown back to Azeroth, where a female tauren sneaks up behind him. Before the tauren can ambush the gnome, however, she too is transported into the mysterious room.[2]

In 100 or Bust!, it's revealed that Lemmy's arch enemy, the nefarious level 62 goblin Krazzel Crashfuse, spied on the gnome when he was first using the level 90 boost. After several failed attempts by Krazzel to reach level 100, the goblin's hozen assistant, Renfield, uses a level 100 character boost for himself, landing on top of Lemmy while he and his raid are progressing through Hellfire Citadel.[3]

In Meet Mischief — The New Warcraft Pet, Lemmy is seen leaving a Feast of Winter Veil gift on Krazzel's doorstep just before the goblin manages to use an anti-gift ray to destroy all of the Winter Veil presents in the village below his tower. When Krazzel throws open the door, Lemmy is gone, but as the goblin opens the gift he finds the fel kitten  [Mischief] inside. Shortly after, however, Krazzel and Mischief are forced to leave the lab in a hurry in an escape pod as the goblin's anti-gift ray is about to activate, though whether or not Lemmy was aware of this is unclear.[4]