Leper Gnome Quintet

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MobLeper Gnome Quintet
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Race Leper gnome (Humanoid)
Level 102 Elite
Health 1,884,924
(60% of 628,308 each)
Reaction Alliance Horde
Location Brawler's Guild

Leper Gnome Quintet encounter, comprising Fleasy, Greazy, Queasy, Sleazy and Wheezy, is the last of the Rank 5 Brawler's Guild fights.


All five use the same abilities:

  • Rogue burstofspeed.png  Determined Shuffle — Increases movement speed by 40% and grants immunity to movement-impairing effects for 2 sec. Instant.
  • Ability creature poison 01.png  Leperous Spew Melee range — Spews toxic liquid at the target, inflicting 1500 Nature damage every 1 sec. for 5 sec. Stacks up to 20 times. Instant


Determined Shuffle means the leper gnomes can only be crowd controlled for one second before they break the CC and go immune for a few seconds. If they get into melee range, they will all stack Leperous Spew.

This fight is all about kiting and doing a total of 15,700 DPS over two minutes. Keep the leper gnomes snared (not rooted) and kite them around the arena.


Bizmo yells: The opposition includes some of Gnomeregan's finest... although they've all seen better days. It's the leper gnome quintet!


Boss Bazzelflange yells: Five on one hardly seems fair, but come on... they're half-dead gnomes. It's the leper gnome quintet!


Leper Gnome Quintet yells: Hugs... we want hugs...
Leper Gnome Quintet yells: Heigh-ho... heigh-ho... OH NO!
Leper Gnome Quintet yells: I'd give you a thumbs down, but I can't find it.

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