Leprous Technician

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MobLeprous Technician
Image of Leprous Technician
Gender Male
Race Leper gnome (Humanoid)
Level 27 - 28
Health 1,600 - 1,706
Occupation Technician
Location Gnomeregan

Leprous Technicians are hostile level 27-28 leper gnomes that can be found in the Gnomeregan instance.


  • Spell lightning lightningbolt01.png  Supercharge — Speeds the attack of nearby mechanical allies by 25% and increases the Physical damage they deal by 50 for 10 sec.
  • Inv misc wrench 01.png  Throw Wrench — Throws a wrench at an enemy, inflicting Physical damage.
  • Inv gizmo 02.png  Tune Up — Attack speed increased by 50%. Casting speed increased by 100%. Movement speed increased by 60%.

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