Lessons From the Past

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NeutralLessons From the Past

83 (Requires 83)




6g 50s



Acquire the Broken Goggles.


This unfortunate explorer has clearly suffered a bit of bad luck in the recent past.

Prudence dictates that you perform the unenviable task of searching the corpse for clues that might shed light on your surroundings...


You will receive: 6g 50s


Any news, <name>?



It looks as if someone used gemstones as lenses.

I should be able to fix them without too much trouble.


The Schnottz Scout can be found by the southern hieroglyph on the west side of the chamber. Also pick up N [83] Be Prepared from the Decrepit Skeleton on the east side of the chamber, at [65.2, 33.8] near the other southern hieroglyph.

Interact with the scout again:

After a quick assessment, you determine that this fellow has expired within the last several hours.

Gossip Take the scout's Journal.
Gossip Take the scout's spectacles.

The goggles are there to complete the quest, but take the  [Scout's Journal] too:

Scout's Journal

I've found an incredible site!

The whole area pulsates with the hum of ancient architecture.

If it were not so late in the day, I would investigate the chamber immediately!

Sleeping, tonight, will be a struggle...

A most productive day, today!

The chamber is indeed of ancient origin, and houses a magnificent mechanism which seems to be in disrepair.

I will investigate further tomorrow.

This discovery will surely force Schnottz to take notice of me!

How could he deny me a promotion after something like this?

It has taken me all day to wrestle the cipher from these hieroglyphs:

Through the eyes of blue is starlight revealed.
Ten shards, one rod, and the veil disappears.

Forget Schnottz and his empty promises!

If I can unravel this riddle, its secrets will be mine!

I've done it!

Using sapphire from the chamber's adornments, I have fashioned a pair of goggles. With them, I am able to see things previously hidden from view.


With luck, my next entry will find me a newly rich man!


Optional breadcrumb: N [83] Take it to 'Em!

  1. N [83] Premature Explosionation
  2. N [83] Field Work / N [83] Just the Tip
  3. N [83] On to Something
  4. N [83] The Thrill of Discovery
  5. N [83] Be Prepared / N [83] Lessons From the Past
  6. N [83] By the Light of the Stars
  7. N [83] Tipping the Balance
  8. N [83] After the Fall
  9. N [83] Do the Honors

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