Let the Hunt Begin!

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HordeLet the Hunt Begin!
Ga'nar and Grotan

91 (Requires 90)




11g 80s



Confront Grotan the Herald.


I have no time for my brother's whimperings. We hunt for vengeance or death.

The Thunderlord chieftain slew my father and left me for dead, so I shall take his three sons, the first of which is this runt in my hand.

This filth has revealed the number and positions of the Thunderlords in the ravine beyond.

Join us, if you dare, and you will witness how real warriors of the Frostwolf clan fight. Get in my way, and I will end you.


You will receive: 11g 80s


Speak with Ga'nar again:

Are you ready for a real battle?
Gossip I am ready!
Skal the Trapper says: My... father... will... avenge... me.
Ga'nar says: Your father will mourn, as I have mourned.
Ga'nar tosses Skal to the ground.
Ga'nar yells: Send word to the rest of the pack: The sons of the Iron Wolf have been found. Lok'tar ogar!
Ga'nar takes off to the north east. After running a bit, he comes upon Grotan the Herald
Grotan the Herald says: Ga'nar? Is that you? I thought we killed you already.
Grotan the Herald says: If you beg like a good dog, my father may-
Gan'ar sends his wolf in, knocking Grotan on his back.
Ga'nar says: Your father MAY be able to identify what's left of your tiny skull.
Grotan the Herald yells: Hrgh... K-... KILL THEM!!
Grotan's forces attack and Ga'nar's forces fend them off. Ga'nar moves further into the ravine, dragging Grotan's corpse behind him.
Ga'nar says: Hold here until reinforcements arrive. In the meantime, let us draw out as many as we can...
Ga'nar yells: Hear me, Thunderlords! I am Ga'nar of the Frostwolves! Son of Garad!
Ga'nar yells: Your chief slew my father. So I have come to claim their heads of his sons. Who among you has the spine to stop me?
A wave of Thunderlords attack before Kal'gor's party appears.
Kal'gor the Honorable yells: Ga'nar! We are with you! Lok'tar ogar!
A few more waves before Ligra's party makes it.
Ligra the Unyielding yells: You saved some for us? How thoughtful!


The Thunderlord think their numbers will save them.

We will show them that their numbers count for nothing when hunted by a pack of Frostwolves.



Accept the quest and then start following Ga'nar, as he takes off. Fend off the attacks and wait for the other parties to appear.

Turn in to Ga'nar. Both he and Ligra have followups.

Before leaving the area, there are two vignettes: Run up the rock to the northwest to find the Thunderlord Cache on top of a rock outcrop. The Canyon Icemother is immediately below the cache.


  1. H [91] Ga'nar's Vengeance
  2. H [91] Let the Hunt Begin!
  3. H [91] Leave Nothing Behind!
  4. Complete both:
  5. H [91] The Eldest
  6. H [91] To the Garrison

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