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Image of Lethlas
Race Green drake (Dragon)
Level 36
Health 1,397
Reaction Alliance Horde
Affiliation(s) Green dragonflight
Location Dream Bough, Feralas

Lethlas is part of Ysera's green dragonflight and made his way into the mortal realm with the recent development of the Nightmare that caused the corruption of the Emerald Dragons. He and his broodmate, Dreamroarer, guard the gateway to the Dream at the Dream Bough in Feralas.

Attacks and Abilities

  • Spell nature acid 01.png Corrosive Acid Breath - Shoots a cloud of acidic breath at enemies in a cone in front of the caster, reducing their armor and inflicting Nature damage every 5 sec. for 30 sec. Stacks up to 10 times.
  • Spell nature earthbind.png Wing Flap - Strikes enemies in a cone in front of the caster, knocking them back.


  • Master Taerar no longer dwells here, fool. He has bestowed me with enough power to stop you!

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