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Level 70 hunter twinking guide

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This guide has been updated for Warlords of Draenor over at Wowhead.

This guide was written for a level 70 Hunter, if you're 71-74, the enchant values and stat conversion values will be off.
Written by Kiingzy-Frostmourne(US)

Choosing your race

The most important thing to consider when creating a twink is the racials, below is a list of the relevant ones for PvP.

Base Stats:
Each race has different base stats, the amount it varies by is between 2-10 depending on race. The races listed below are the highest for both factions. If more than one from a faction is listed, they are equal. The full list can be found here.

Stat Conversion

Agility is the most important stat. 1 agility will give hunters more DPS than 1 of any other stat (except, of course, for ranged weapon dps).

  • 1 Agility = 2 Attack Power.
  • 14 Attack Power = 1 DPS. (For weapon damage based shots)
  • 1 Stamina = 10 Health.

  • 22.08 Crit Rating = 1% Crit Chance.
  • 40 Agility = 1% Crit Chance.
  • 15.7 Haste Rating = 1% Haste
  • 12.60 Hit Rating = 1% Hit Chance.
    • PvE Hit Cap - 7.5%
    • PvP Hit Cap - 3%
  • 12.60 Expertise Rating = 1% Expertise.
    • PvE Expertise Cap - 7.5%
    • PvP Expertise Cap - 3-5% (see below)

PvP Hit & Expertise

The PvP Hit cap will vary depending on your faction:

  • Both factions require 3% hit to never miss against targets your own level.


  • The expertise cap is different depending on faction, 3% is required to prevent most players from dodging shots if you're Alliance, for Horde 5% is needed to achieve the same result, this is due to the Night Elf racial [Quickness]. Even while at this cap feral druids, rogues and other hunters will still dodge shots due to the dodge gained from agility.

For every level above your own an additional 1% of both stats is required. The highest level in this bracket is 74.

Talents & Glyphs

Since Mists of Pandaria talents and glyphs have become situational. Pick what best suits your playstyle. Below is an outline of the talents.


  • Tier 1: Not much to say, pick what suits you the most.
  • Tier 2: Binding Shot and Intimidation are the obvious choices here, comes down to personal preference.
  • Tier 3: Spirit Bond offers the most overall healing, while Exhilaration offers the best burst heal. Aspect of the Ironhawk is a flat damage decrease that works well with the base 40% resil.
  • Tier 4: Thrill of the Hunt is strong with its high proc rate, Fervor is also quite strong with a 30 second cooldown. At this level Dire Beast is not worth it compared to the other two.


  • They're all situational, choose whichever you prefer and swap them out as needed.


To get the best in slot enchants you'll need the following reputations.

To get the best in slot gear you'll need the follow reputation.


World of Warcraft has many professions and all of them have a decent bonus. There are two categories: Gathering and Production.


Below are the benefits from the three gathering professions.


For the values when used on a level 70 please see the Enchants section of this guide.

  • Alchemy - Minimum skill level: 400
    • Flasks -  [Alchemist's Flask]. +16 Agility. (+32 in Battlegrounds/Arena)
    • [Mixology] - Doubles the effects and duration of elixirs, doubles the duration of flasks.

PvE Gear

The top items are the Best in Slot. (BiS).

A Level 70 Nightelf Hunter Twink in BiS Gear

PvP Gear

This is the Season 4 PvP set.
For most classes since the introduction of base resil this gear doesn't compare to the above PvE gear, only use this while you gear up in raids.
Not including the ranged weapon or the heirloom trinket, the entire set will cost you 1500 Honor Points.

Thori'dal vs Golden Bow

Despite the Golden Bow having lower DPS than Thori'dal, it's actually slightly better for burst DPS with shots based off weapon damage.

The formula for ranged weapon normalization is:
Base Damage + ( 2.8 * Attack Power / 14 )

For this example we'll use a hunter with 3000 attack power casting Chimera Shot (at time of writing dealt 398% Weapon Damage + 3081)

 [Golden Bow of Quel'Thalas]
Max = (( 769 + ( 2.8 × 3000 ÷ 14 )) * 3.98 ) + 3081 = 8530
Min = (( 414 + ( 2.8 × 3000 ÷ 14 )) * 3.98 ) + 3081 = 7117

 [Thori'dal, the Stars' Fury]
Max = (( 757 + ( 2.8 × 3000 ÷ 14 )) * 3.98 ) + 3081 = 8482
Min = (( 407 + ( 2.8 × 3000 ÷ 14 )) * 3.98 ) + 3081 = 7089


Since 5.4 gems now scale with character level. Tooltips are stats while in a BG, to the right are stats when in arena / world.



Red: Jewelers Gems | Requires 360-370 Jewelcrafting.

== Do not gem for socket bonuses ==


Since 5.4 enchants now scale with level so the tooltips are values while in battlegrounds, to the right of each enchant is the value when used on a level 70 while in the world and in arenas. Later expansion enchants will scale lower than most earlier expansion enchants.

Enchants aren't listed in any order. 1 Agility = 2 Attack Power.


For PvP train your pet in the Cunning specialization, this is for the [Roar of Sacrifice] ability.

The individual pet families also have their own special abilities which include a snare, slow, silence, stun and disarm. The duration, cooldown and range of these spells are different for each. At this level you'll be given 4 stable slots, select four abilities you want and swap between them as needed.

Pets with green backgrounds are exotic, meaning you'll need to be Beastmastery to use them.

Pet Duration
Scorpion 8 Seconds 1 Minute
Bird 8 Seconds 1 Minute
Pet Duration Cooldown Range
Spider 5 Seconds 40 Seconds 30 Yards
Dog 4 Seconds 40 Seconds Melee
Crab 4 Seconds 40 Seconds Melee
Silithid 5 Seconds 40 Seconds 30 Yards
Pet Duration Cooldown Range
Monkey 4 Seconds 2 Minutes 20 Yards
Wasp 2 Seconds 1.5 Minutes Melee
Basilisk 3 Seconds 2 Minutes 20 Yards
Bat 2 Seconds 2 Minutes 20 Yards
Shale Spider 3 Seconds 1.5 Minutes 30 Yards
Pet Duration Cooldown Range
Gorilla 2 Seconds 30 Seconds Melee
Nether Ray 2 Seconds 40 Seconds 20 Yards
Moth 4 Seconds 1 Minute 25 Yards
Pet Duration Cooldown Range
Crocalisk 6 Seconds 10 Seconds Melee Yards
Warp Stalker 5 Seconds 15 Seconds 25 Yards
Chimera 5 Seconds 10 Seconds 30 Yards

Pet Spell Macros

To save having to constantly swap out spells on your action bar, this macro will change depending on the pet you're currently using:

   /cast [pet:Type/Name] <spell>; [pet:Type2/Name2] <spell>; etc

As an example, this will cast Clench with a scorpion out and Web with a spider out.

   /cast [pet:scorpid] Clench; [pet:spider] Web

There's no limit beyond the macro character limit, you can also use your pets name instead of its unit type.

To get a pets unit type, while you have it out, copy the below into chat and it'll be displayed in the default chat frame.

   /run print(UnitCreatureFamily("pet"))

For [Roar of Sacrifice] use:

   /cast [@player] Roar of Sacrifice[/color]


Wowhead Profile

This profile does not have any profession specific items or enchants.