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The term leveling refers to the process of gaining more experience in order to level up. It can also be applied to skills where one tries to gain more skill levels or points. Leveling in a manner as quick and efficient as possible is called power leveling.

Gameplay during the process of leveling may differ considerably from life at maximum level. World of Warcraft can be seen as a game divided in two parts -- the game during leveling a character and the end-game. Game features such as new spells are unlocked gradually while leveling in order to ease the overall learning process, and to prepare the player for use of a full set of abilities as well as the widest array of available dungeon and raid instances and other challenges reserved for end-game.

There are three major activities utilized when seeking to gain levels; questing, dungeons and battlegrounds. When a player grows tired of one mode of gameplay they can switch to another.

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