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Image of Leyara
Gender Female
Race Night elf (Humanoid)
Class Druid of the Flame
Reaction Alliance Horde
Affiliation(s) Ragnaros' minions, Druids of the Flame and Old Gods' forces
Former affiliation(s) Alliance, Cenarion Circle and Darnassus.
Occupation Lieutenant of Fandral Staghelm
Location Various
Status Deceased[1] (Lore)
Killable (WoW)
Relative(s) Valstann Staghelm (husband), Fandral Staghelm (father-in-law), Istaria (daughter)
Mentor(s) Fandral Staghelm

Leyara is a powerful Druid of the Flame with a strong hatred towards Malfurion Stormrage.


As the proud wife of Valstann Staghelm, she was devastated by his loss during the War of the Shifting Sands. At some point she lived with her daughter, Istaria, in relative peace in Ashenvale until the Horde launched its assault in the region during the Cataclysm, causing Istaria's death. Reeling from the loss of her daughter and highly disillusioned with Malfurion's passive stance in regards to the Horde, Leyara was discovered by her father-in-law Fandral Staghelm. Fandral, now aligned with Ragnaros and Deathwing, was able to induct Leyara into the new order of corrupted druids serving Ragnaros - the Druids of the Flame.

After being inducted, Leyara sneaks into Mount Hyjal to find and kill Malfurion. During her search she meets Hamuul Runetotem, successfully beats him in battle and assumes him dead. Some time afterwards, Malfurion and a band of adventurers confront her. Leyara tells them that Fandral was a true leader and that Malfurion is nothing more than a desperate dreamer with no strength to lead anyone, and that the Night Elves will see through his weakness. Malfurion then warns her that Fandral has been corrupted and that it runs deeper in him than she knows. Leyara, unheeding of Malfurion's warnings, tells him that she will kill his companions like she did Hamuul, only to see Hamuul arrive at the scene; Malfurion informs her that Hamuul survived. Hamuul tells her that he will release her from her pain, and wishes that she finally finds peace in death. In her final moments before being killed, Leyara claims that she seared the life from Hamuul's body.


Notable appearances
Location Level range Health range
N [85] The Fallen Guardian ?? 399,350
N [85] A Ritual of Flame 85 559,090
N [85] Leyara 85 79,870
N [85] Into the Depths 85 479,220
N [85] Into the Depths 85 399,350
N [85] Tragedy and Family 60 4,979
N [85] The Tipping Point 85 14,921


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She makes her first appearance during the quest N [85] A Ritual of Flame, Afterward, she nearly kills Hamuul in the quest N [85] Leyara. She is then killed in N [85] Into the Depths and her story is told from her necklace in the quest N [85] The Rest is History. Completing all 4 quests will reward the player with the achievement [Legacy of Leyara], which is a part of the meta-achievement [Veteran of the Molten Front]. The player is also awarded with  [Leyara's Locket], an item with a 60-minute CD that applies a 10-minute transformation into a Druid of the Flame.


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