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Leyline Bling

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Leyline Bling is an achievement rewarded for activating all of the leyline feeds in Suramar. It can be completed after N [110] Feeding Shal'Aran. Completing it is required for N [110] Giving It All We've Got.

Leyline feeds


  • As mentioned in N [110] Shal'Aran, the bottom floor of Shal'Aran contains a stylized map of the feeds and their locations. Markers light up as the feeds are activated.
  • There exists a marker in the center of Suramar City that does not light up at any point. This marker may represent the Nightwell, the Nightflow Conduit, or Teloth'aran, all of which are feeds near Suramar that do not count for the achievement.
  • Teloth'aran is visited in N [110] I'll Just Leave This Here.
  • The Nightborne exploit and undo some of your work in N [110] The Seal's Power.
  • All of the feeds are underground, so looking for their exact coordinates can be misleading.

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