Libram of Rumination

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  • Libram of Rumination
  • Unique
  • <Right Click to Read>
  • Requires Level 50
  • "Dark runes skitter across the surface."

With some work you can turn in the Libram of Rumination to Mathredis Firestar to receive a  [Lesser Arcanum of Rumination], which will permanently add 150 mana to a leg or head slot item.

Required materials


Drops off level 50 and above humanoids.


Libram of Rumination

<The pages are covered in ancient elven runes.>

The pages herein contain memories of events that transpired in the collection and creation of the reagents required to craft lesser arcanum.

May our enemies never gain access to these libram.

May I live to see the pallid light of the moon shine upon Quel'Thalas once again.

May I die but for the grace of Kael'thas.

May I kill for the glory of Illidan.

-Master Kariel Winthalus

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