Libram of Voracity

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  • Libram of Voracity
  • Unique
  • <Right Click to Read>
  • Requires Level 50
  • "Dark runes skitter across the surface."

Libram of Voracity is a book which, with some effort, can be turned in to Mathredis Firestar[65.1, 23.6] to receive a Lesser Arcanum of Voracity, which will permanently add 8 Agility, Intellect, Spirit, Strength or Stamina to a leg or head slot item.

Required materials


Dropped by level 42-55 humanoids.


You must have a Libram of Voracity in your backpack to enable the repeatable quest for the first time.

The needed Crystal Force is obtained with 10 each  [Green Power Crystal] and  [Blue Power Crystal] at the Eastern Crystal Pylon[77.2, 50] in Un'Goro Crater. (6  [Crystal Force] crystals are produced as a result.)

Whipper Root Tuber is acquired by cleansing and looting Corrupted Whipper Root found in Felwood.


Libram of Voracity

<The pages are covered in ancient elven runes.>

The pages herein contain memories of events that transpired in the collection and creation of the reagents required to craft lesser arcanum.

May our enemies never gain access to these libram.

May I live to see the pallid light of the moon shine upon Quel'Thalas once again.

May I die but for the grace of Kael'thas.

May I kill for the glory of Illidan.

-Master Kariel Winthalus

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